Welcome to the Top Gun Hockey Skills powered by MAP South Hockey.

This Program for Peewees each day will feature 3 on ice components: skating, puck skills, and competition/small area games.  We will also cover checking and body contact/proper positioning throughout the program as it is important for players of all ages to be comfortable with the physical aspect of the game – both taking and receiving physical contact.  The key to all of our training will be high repetition drills in order to build muscle memory and increase the speed and accuracy with which these skills are developed and performed.

The training will be 3 days a week: Tuesday and Thursday training at historic West St Paul Ice Arena and Sundays at Saint Thomas Ice Arena. The structure utilized will focus on:

Program Features


  • Forward/Backward Stride Mechanics
  • Knee bend
  • Outside/Inside Edge control
  • Overspeed Work
  • Forward/Backward Crossovers
  • Explosive Starts
  • Transitions
  • Power Turns
  • Mohawk Turns


  • Forehand/backhand/saucer techniques
  • Receiving passes from all sides of the body
  • Passing routes/timing

Off Ice Training

  • EVO Fitness Training before/after each ice time
  • Access to dryland shooting after players workouts



  • $1,295
  • June 2nd – August 29th *
  • Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM at Historic West Saint Paul Ice Arena
  • Sunday at 3:20 PM- 4:20 PM Saint Thomas Academy Ice Arena

* No Training July 4th in honor of Independence Day

Program Features


  • Wrist Roll
  • Set up Positions
  • Fakes/ Reaches
  • Situational Stickhandling

Puck Protection

  • Effective body and stick positioning
  • Footwork and puck placement
  • Open Ice and Along the Boards techniques


  • All shot types
  • Shooting in Stride
  • Quick puck release
  • Finishing techniques in scoring areas
  • Deking on goalies

A typical day includes:

1-hour on-ice

45 minutes EVO Ultrafit Training

Access to Dry Land

* Stated times referenced are for when players are on-ice determined.

Peewee Level Registration Link:

2019 Top Gun Hockey Peewee Summer Registration