AGE LEVEL: Players who will be sophomores, juniors & seniors for the upcoming season

COST: $2,545

SPRING SEASON | April 6th – June 3rd

Sundays @ Saint Thomas Ice Arena

9:30am Workout/Skills Class

10:40am On-Ice Session

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ West Saint Paul Ice Arena

5:00pm Workout/Skills Class

6:10pm On-Ice Session

SUMMER SEASON: June 6th – September 12th

Sundays @ Saint Thomas Ice Arena

4:30pm Workout/Skills Class

5:40pm On-Ice Session

Mondays & Wednesdays @ West Saint Paul Ice Arena

12:10pm Workout/Skills Class

1:20pm On-Ice Session

Program Features


  • Forward/Backward Stride Mechanics
  • Knee bend
  • Outside/Inside Edge control
  • Overspeed Work
  • Forward/Backward Crossovers
  • Explosive Starts
  • Transitions
  • Power Turns
  • Mohawk Turns


  • Forehand/backhand/saucer techniques
  • Receiving passes from all sides of the body
  • Passing routes/timing

Off Ice Training

  • Workouts focused on explosive strength development, specific muscle engagements, injury prevention, mental toughness
  • Shooting & skills development

Program Features


  • Wrist Roll
  • Set up Positions
  • Fakes/ Reaches
  • Situational Stickhandling

Puck Protection

  • Effective body and stick positioning
  • Footwork and puck placement
  • Open Ice and Along the Boards techniques


  • All shot types
  • Shooting in Stride
  • Quick puck release
  • Finishing techniques in scoring areas
  • Deking on goalies


  • Regular use of different small area games & situational games
  • Game reps are necessary to help the athletes apply their developing skills. Healthy competition is a cornerstone of our programming and makes for an exciting environment for the athletes

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