Welcome to MAP South Goaltending Training. 

Goalie Training instruction and curriculum will be provided by MAP South Goaltending powered by MAP South Hockey.  MAP South Goaltending offers a Canadian style goaltending program, led by Drew Fielding that builds an individualized curriculum where we cultivate personalized relationships with each goaltender in the program. The goal is to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in every athlete, every day, both on and off the ice.

MAP South Goaltending, which focuses on developing well-rounded goalies. Our program believe there are four key elements in elite level goalies:

–      Technical

–      Tactical

–      Mental

–      Physical

Our coaches focus on drills that work to improve each of these areas.  We place emphasis on strong lines of communication between our staff and goalies in order to help them be assertive in their development. Feedback is critical for young athletes and we use visual, verbal, and physical to provide influence all types of learning.

MAP South Goaltending believes strongly in helping our athletes in the gym and in between their ears.  These are areas that are often neglected in young athletes and goaltenders. Playing the position of goaltender places high demand on being strong both physically and mentally, and our athletes can aid in their performance through the products we offer. Our off-ice program includes the use of EVO Ultrafit workouts. This innovative training system helps the goaltenders test and push the goalies physically and mentally to help grow as an athlete.

These Summer Programs are open to all Peewee, Bantam and Midget players in our community regardless of whether or not the athlete participates in MAP South Hockey.  This Progam will be conducted at the historic West Saint Paul Ice Arena and Saint Thomas Ice Arena.  Incredible 4:1 Athlete/Coach Ratio.  Follow the links below or please email  Drew Fielding with questions! To learn more check out the website: www.mapsouthgoaltending.hockey



  • $1,395
  • June 2nd – September 24th *
  • Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (47 sessions)
  • *No Training the week of July 4th in honor of Independence Day
2020 Summer MAP South Goaltending Peewees



  • $2,495
  • April 5th – September 24th*
  • Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (72 sessions)

* No Training May 24th and the week of July 4th in honor of Independence Day

2020 Summer MAP South Goaltending Bantam


Pricing: $1,495

April 5th – May 31st   

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

June 7th – July 26th* 


August 2nd – August 30th

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

* No Training May 24th and the week of July 7th in honor of Independence Day

2020 Summer MAP South Goaltending Midget