MAP South Hockey has Minnesota’s Only Rapidshot Pro hockey training system with technology centered on repetition and feedback. The system automatically passes and collects pucks. Players catch passes and shoot at targets while RapidShot records reaction time, accuracy and speed. It allows players and coaches to analyze fundamental techniques specific to hockey. RapidShot’s World Rankings Database promotes competition and ranks scores among players in individual age groups.

RapidShot is an indispensable training tool for every hockey player – professional NHLers, junior athletes, and minor hockey participants – who want to go from good to better and from better to best.

Off-ice training on RapidShot is a great complement to on-ice practice. It allows players to get valuable practice time in an environment that measures performance, delivers feedback and develops proper skills. Players have the option to shoot in their skates, which helps simulate on-ice situations.

RapidShot provides an unparalleled passing rate. Receiving up to 800 passes per hour allows players to develop a “feel for the puck”. The evaluation of each shot allows for real-time assessment and correction if necessary.

RapidShot records all sessions and allows the player to view their results on the RapidShot website. They can monitor their results through a progress report which breaks down their reaction time, accuracy, and speed.

RapidShot allows players to learn the best technique by providing immediate feedback and the maximum rate of repetition within the shortest period of time. Players can learn to optimize their puck speed, without sacrificing reaction time or accuracy.

Watch the RapidShot Video here to learn more


MAP South Hockey has four RapidHands hockey training systems that improve vision and stickhandling by multitasking while encouraging sound fundamentals.

If players want to improve control and hand speed, they can only do so through repetition and feedback. RapidHands is a unique hockey training system that improves vision and stickhandling by providing a fun and competitive way to train while encouraging sound fundamentals.

The training system uses sensors embedded in synthetic ice to track the movement of the puck. When the system asks a player to stickhandle over a specific target, the puck activates the sensor, informing the software that the maneuver has been performed. It also allows players to work on their transition from stick handling to passing on both sides of the stick. Scores are recorded, performance is measured and feedback is provided to gauge the player’s progress and shows how they rank with respect to their peers.

Rapid Hands forces players to keep their head up while they multitask and stick handle.

Watch the Rapidhands Video here to learn more


MAP South Hockey indoor complex will have two shooting lanes. Each lane is equipped with a regulation size hockey nets and targets.  The shooting lanes are designed to allow for individual lane shooting for proper technique and repetition or for multiple players to practice passing and one-time shooting.


MAP South Hockey’s 3,500 sq. ft. Stickhandling and Multitasking Area has everything players need to improve puck control, reaction speed, hand-eye coordination, weight transfer and balance.

All great hockey players share the ability to stickhandle, control and protect the puck under pressure. This talent is developed through training and is essential to improving as a player.  On-ice stickhandling skills can be improved off-ice.

The speed at which the puck moves, the quick transition found in the game from offense to defense, and the speed of recognition needed to make game decisions is related to a player’s vision and puck handling skills. The skill set necessary for hockey requires the following: focus, vision and balance, eye-hand coordination, tracking and eye movements (multitasking).


MAP South Hockey’s Turf Training Area is over 4,000 sq. ft., fully furnished with all the equipment needed to focus on plyometrics.  MAP South Hockey’s equipment includes agility hurdles, ladders, medicine balls, jump boxes and balance boards.


MAP South Hockey’s Team Room is a 1,000 sq. ft. boardroom equipped with state-of-the-art technology including satellite TV, wireless internet and Smart Board video analysis technology.

With Smart Board technology, MAP South Hockey instructors are able to study video, draw symbols, animate plays and the possible outcomes, and add in voice notes. They can then record these drawings, symbols and animations for playback during individual or team meetings.

MAP South Hockey’s Team Room can host a variety of functions including team building, individual and team game tape analysis, instructor training, coaching seminars, general meetings and tournament headquarters.